Dmitry Anisimov

PhD, R&D Engineer

R&D engineer specialized in applied mathematics and geometry processing.



Sophia Antipolis
Nice, 06000 FR



R&D engineer, France

01/05/2019 — Present

Geometry processing algorithms

  • 3D urban reconstruction with levels of detail
  • 2D/3D shape regularization
  • generalized barycentric interpolation


R&D engineer, France

01/05/2017 — 30/04/2019

3D urban reconstruction

  • applied research
  • geometry-oriented approaches
  • 2D/3D shape detection


Software developer, Switzerland

01/05/2014 — 30/04/2017

Backend/Frontend software developer

  • geometry oriented projects


Teaching assistant, Switzerland

01/05/2011 — 30/04/2016

Courses in mathematics and informatics

  • bachelor and master levels
  • calculus, geometry processing, computer graphics


System administrator, Russia

01/05/2010 — 30/04/2011

Adiministrating several computer classes

  • software configuration
  • security issues


Web developer, Russia

01/05/2007 — 30/04/2010

Developing websites for private clients

  • design, development, SEO


GSoC with CGAL project 2019


01/06/2019 — 31/08/2019

Mentoring Google Summer of Code with CGAL projects

  • generalized global regularization

GSoC with CGAL project 2018


01/06/2018 — 31/08/2018

Mentoring Google Summer of Code with CGAL projects

  • generalized region growing
  • extending generalized barycentric coordinates


Universita della Svizzera italiana

01/05/2012 — 30/04/2017
Generalized Barycentric Coordinates, PhD in Informatics, Switzerland
  • various informatics oriented courses

Saint-Petersburg State University

01/09/2005 — 30/06/2010
Applied Mathematics and Control Processes, Master degree, Russia
  • various mathematics oriented courses

High School 53

01/09/1995 — 30/06/2005
Natural sciences, High school degree, Russia
  • various natural science oriented courses


The Best Paper Honorable Mention Award, together with A. Fedosov et al.

MUM, Rovaniemi, Finland

Design and Evaluation of a Wearable AR System for Sharing Personalized Content on Ski Resort Maps

The Best Poster Award, together with K. Hormann

NSF Workshop, New York, USA

Best Poster on Barycentric Coordinates in Geometry Processing and Finite/Boundary Element Methods


Generalized Barycentric Coordinates in Computer Graphics and Computational Mechanics

Editors: Kai Hormann and N. Sukumar
Published by Taylor & Francis, CRC Press

Book. First chapter. En. 2017 with code

Behaviour of Exponential Three-Point Coordinates at the Vertices of Convex Polygons

Dmitry Anisimov, Kai Hormann, and Teseo Schneider
Published by Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics

Article. En. 2019

Analysis and New Constructions of Generalized Barycentric Coordinates in 2D

Dmitry Anisimov
Published by Universita della Svizzera italiana

Thesis. En. 2017 with code

Blended Barycentric Coordinates

Dmitry Anisimov, Daniele Panozzo, and Kai Hormann
Published by Computer Aided Geometric Design

Article. En. 2017 with code

Design and Evaluation of a Wearable AR System for Sharing Personalized Content on Ski Resort Maps

Anton Fedosov, Evangelos Niforatos, Ivan Elhart, Teseo Schneider, Dmitry Anisimov, and Marc Langheinrich
Published by Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia

Article. En. 2016

Subdividing Barycentric Coordinates

Dmitry Anisimov, Chongyang Deng, and Kai Hormann
Published by Computer Aided Geometric Design

Article. En. 2016 with code

NP-Complete Problems Solving by Means of DNA Properties

Dmitry Anisimov
Published by Saint-Petersburg State University

Thesis. Ru. 2010



C, C++, Java, Swift, Shell, Qt, etc.

Writing / Web:

Latex, HTML, CSS, JS, etc.


Matlab, Maple, Maxima, PS, AI, etc.



Mother tongue


Proficient level


Intermediate level


Pre-Intermediate level


So many:

Design, Photography, Polular Science, Winter Sports, Swimming, Hiking, Reading, Board and Computer Games, Writing, Learning New Stuff, etc.


I know Dmitry since we did together our PhDs (approx. 7 years). Dmitry is an outstanding professional: great programming and mathematical skills come together with high ethical standards. One can count on him once he committed to something, and it will be done on time: this quality together with his technical skills will be of high value to a company or a research institute that needs people to rely on when “things get tough”/project is not going as expected. Dmitry is a constant learner (you can find his side projects here: and a resourceful doer: not only did he conducted a great research during his PhD in the field of applied mathematics and computer graphics (PhD title: “Analysis and New Constructions of Generalized Barycentric Coordinates in 2D”, but he co-organised (we did this together) events in Lugano for PhD students (for up to 50 people), initiated and created with Teseo Schneider an app for kids (, another safety-app with Randolf Scharfig (, and many other side projects. Finally, Dmitry is a great team player and a good friend: you can count on him when you need it the most. I highly value Dmitry and if he decides to move to Berlin, he will be the first person I consider if I need a technical professional and highly reliable partner/colleague.

Artiom Kovnatsky